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Shannon Denton

Frontend developer based in the United States

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My Work

yogurt app

Total GirlBoss Blog

Built using Wordpress, TotalGirlBoss.com is my blog where I feature women in entrepreneurship and their businesses. My blog earns thousands of monthly visitors and helps these business women build their online brand and strengthen their SEO.

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Weather Project

A weather app modeled after Google's desktop weather app that displays accurate time, day of the week, and temperature of the location that is typed into the search bar. Built with Javascript and APIs as part of a SheCodes project.

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weather app
bill splitter app

Bill Splitter Project

Built with Javascript, HTML and CSS. It displays the current date and time specific to the timezone and contains arithmatic to calculate the dollar amount pulled from the inputs. Click "Learn more" to try it for yourself!

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Wordsearch Project

Dictionary app uses a search engine API to display any term typed into the search bar, it's definition, and phonetics. It also includes an image API to display the corresponding image. Click "Learn more" to try it for yourself!

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wordsearch app